what we do.

A new way to learn.

Mediable is award-winning and unique, bringing the school curriculum to life through media workshops led by successful media professionals.

Learning brought to life.

Media professionals whose work your pupils hear on the radio or watch on TV and at the cinema: animators, film directors, television and radio presenters.

Everyone can learn with us.

We've had thousands of pupils (from shining stars to underperformers) and hundreds of teachers take part in Mediable workshops.

Learning that's fun.

A teacher wrote that one of her pupils described their Mediable workshop as 'one of the best days they ever had at school'. Click here to read more.

Learning that's valuable.

Using your school's equipment means your Mediable workshop shows you how it all works, so you can build this knowledge back into the classroom.

We need to learn to change.

Children deserve an education that reflects modern life. Mediable has 21st century impact, embracing technology & knowledge that's now here to stay.